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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.

Mesh networking and hard wiring Newbie questions

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Hi there - I just took delivery of a new rectangular dish and ethernet adapter a couple of day ago here in the UK. 

It became apparent that I'd need to extend range and coverage as I have a fairly big and spread out property, so I've ordered an Asus ZenWifi XD6 Mesh System 2pack  (actually ordered 2x two packs incase I needed four nodes). I'm fairly new to mesh networks and had a couple of questions...

When I set up the Mesh network via the ethernet adapter does this take the Starlink router out of the equation? Or does the coverage from it still contribute to the system? I thought that it might not contribute, because I'm setting up a new ASUS network/password..?! Really hard to find good info on this on the internet - actually a tough thing to search and get the right question out there.

Also I'm planning on putting small ethernet switch between the Starlink router and the first ASUS node so that I can take a cable off to a Mac to hardwire the internet connection... is this the best way to do this? Or should I go with no switch and take the ethernet out of the back of the ASUS?

Any advice welcome please! Many thanks.


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Congratulations on receiving your Starlink Kit!!!

  • Is this a new installation or a replacement for an existing kit?
  • Setup. Before you start introducing a third-party router, I recommend the following approach. If you come to a point where Internet connectivity is not working, fix it before moving on. If you have to back up and start over, go through these steps again, one-by-one, in the same order. You'll be glad you did. 😉
    • Set up the Starlink Kit as if it would be the ONLY WiFi network you have. Attach the Starlink Ethernet port as part of this setup.
    • Use a laptop or mobile device to connect to the Starlink WiFi network and verify Internet connectivity through the Starlink system.
    • Attach a wired device to the Starlink Ethernet port and verify Internet connectivity.
    • Attach the ASUS router to the Starlink Ethernet port and configure it. Be sure you give the ASUS WiFi a different name than the Starlink Wifi. You have been warned.
    • Use a laptop or mobile device to connect to the ASUS Wifi network. Verify Internet connectivity.
    • Bypass the Starlink WiFi router.
      • Open the Starlink mobile app.
      • Log in using your credentials
      • Go to Settings
      • Toggle the option "Bypass Starlink WiFi router" to the "on" position.
    • Again, verify Internet connectivity.
  • Mesh Network. In short, the Starlink router will not contribute to the ASUS mesh network.
    • Starlink routers will not and, indeed, cannot, participate in a mesh network with any other type/brand of router. Starlink routers can provide a mesh network using additional Starlink routers, but not with third-party routers.
    • The Starlink router will broadcast it's WiFi signal unless/until you bypass the router as described above.
  • Hard-wired Mac.
    • ASUS Ethernet port. I would suggest plugging your Mac into an Ethernet port on the ASUS router.
      • This is important if you need access to other hard-wired or wireless devices.
      • Plugging into the ASUS router's Ethernet port will ensure that it is on the same network segment as other devices on your ASUS WiFi network so that you can access them from the Mac.
    • Ethernet Switch port. The Mac will have no access to devices that are connected to the ASUS router.

Hope that helps...

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Ricochet that is brilliant, thanks so much! It's a new Starlink installation replacing 2x Vodafone routers/networks. I've installed the Asus nodes (last night) and it all went painlessly... yes I did name it differently! I hadn't bypassed the router yet though and it all seems to be working ok... I did 'forget' the Starlink network on my devices...

Why is it best to Bypass please?


Thanks for the info on the Starlink router no contributing... I suspected as much as I'm essentially replacing the original Starlink network.

Hardwiring the Mac- thanks, that is very true... I like to Airdrop back and forth between my iPhone and Mac - if they're on the same network segment then this is possible!

Great stuff, so helpful - thanks again!


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I'm glad you found this helpful. As for bypassing the Starlink Router, it's a matter of choice. If you don't bypass, you will have a Starlink WiFI network bring broadcast which is a potential attack vector for malware and/or freeloaders. My preference would be to Bypass so I don't have to worry about a WiFi network that I am not using.

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