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Question on transferring / 2nd Starlink system

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Just a question - went thru a hail storm 10 days ago and after much logic-based NON-Starlink diagnostics, I fear the dish was damaged.  I have been unable to get Starlink to respond to multiple tickets, so I've been dead in the water.  Live in a poor cell coverage area, so hotspots don't work.  Have to drive 20 miles to town for internet.


Here's my question.  Can I act as though I'm transferring my unit and go thru that process via the app (understand this cancels my account, etc), order a new system (I understand subject to capacity) and activate it as a replacement?   Whenever Starlink responds, I'll sort out the financials and disposition of the broken equipment.

Hope that make sense.

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If support tickets are going without a response, try emailing starlinkresolutions@spacex.com. Provide them with a detailed account of what has happened as well as full contact information (including a phone number) and ask POLITELY for urgent assistance. Starlink support have been known to call out to customers from time to time, so be watch your incoming calls. The Caller ID will actually say Starlink or SpaceX or something to that effect. Sadly, the number from which they call does not appear to accept incoming calls 🙁

Next, if you've had your kit for less than a year, ask about warranty coverage... maybe... maybe not, but it's worth asking about.

You shouldn't need to cancel your existing Starlink subscription. Ask Starlink about getting replacements for the damaged units. Whether they pay for it or you pay for it, you can swap out any part (or all) of you Starlink Kit in a situation like this -- without having to cancel and restart service. Cancelling and reordering is risky as they may put you on a waitlist when you reorder.

Just my $0.02 worth...

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Thank you for your input - all good stuff.  We did write an email to starlinkresolutions@spacex.com, as you suggested, as well as entered tickets, and there's been no response.  We've also written to the FCC and the Florida Division of Consumer Services and written to info@spacex.com. The FCC opened a ticket and said SpaceX has 30 days to respond!! I agree we shouldn't have to cancel/re-order, but we're past the desperation stage - it's been 11 days without the internet and we can't get ANY response from Starlink / SpaceX - NONE.

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As the equipment is damaged, I would simply purchase a new starlink via the app/web whilst logged in - Then await the new kit to arrive, then cancel old damaged service.

As far as Im aware there is no easy replacement process.

Then claim the damage costs with your insurance provider ( if it applies )


Hope this helps 🙂

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