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loose 95 % of my speed when going through router

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I have two starlinks  both are set up on the roof the houses and no trees or obstetricals in the way.

one startlink i get speed of 120 down and 100  when connected straight to the starlink wifi.

as soon as I hook up a router tried several. one was a nighthawk, apple and others.  My speeds go down to 10 down and 8 up.

this is either hardwired to router or router wifi.

On the other Starlink  about 300 feet away form the other one. I get 10 down and 10 up or worst.,.all the time on any connection.

any ideas what happening? thank you

in Bradley. California     at lake nacimiento

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I had similar issues with hard-wired connections on my Starlink Router quite some time ago. However, I was connecting a laptop directly to the Starlink Ethernet port. I never was able to prove conclusively what was going on, but I suspected that the Ethernet Port just wasn't supporting anything more than 10Mbps.

In the end, you'll need to contact Starlink Support with your question. See the following post for three ways to reach out to support.


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