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Looking for opinions on PTP and router setup

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Hi everyone, new member here

I'm going to be installing Starlink at my rural property and need to extend the service from the house to a workshop~100m away. The workshop has metal cladding inside and out.  The antennas will have perfect line of sight to each other and will be mounted on the exterior walls of each building below the eaves. Burying a cable is not an option. I'd like this system to be trouble free as it is a rental property 2hrs from my home

I've been doing some research and have this for an equipment list

Starlink with ethernet adapter
Ubiquiti Nanostation 5AC Loco x2
Ubiquiti POE injector x2
TP-Link AX5400 WIFI 6 Router-this will be used in the workshop
Cat6 cabling as required

What are the groups thoughts on this? Do I need surge protectors for the Nanostations? Will the Starlink still provide WIFI in the first building with the ethernet adapter connected?

Thanks in advance

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Having previously used Ubiquiti's equipment, this looks about right. However, I would make two suggestions.

1. Definitely use good power protection for all plug-in devices. No, not a surge protector and not even a $45 BackUps battery backup. Invest in a good battery backup system that always provides power from the battery's pure sine wave (e.g., never directly from the incoming 110-volt A/C signal). This will extend the life of your equipment by years... literally.

2. Make sure that both of your Nanostations are properly grounded. I am not talking about using a grounded power outlet. I mean that you should buy a copper ground rod and copper ground wire sufficient to provide proper ground to your Nanostations. This will protect them in the event of a lightning strike.


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