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CGNAT related issues

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I'm no expert on IP allocations, GCNAT etc so bear with me if this is a topic well covered previously.

Given that the StarLink allocation of a Public IP uses CGNAT does mean that the IP can/will change. This is not my major issue at present, rather, it is that the allocated dynamic IP is linked to a US address and I live in New Zealand (see https://ipinfo.space/CountryIPBlocks/). This is NOT a problem most of the time. However smart web sites etc do pick up on the 'country code' element of all public IP and, in effect, treat such IPs differently. This is in part an approach to increase security or avoid pointless commercial contacts which are not able to be fulfilled. I've contacted such sites and the techos know of the issue and it's not always easy or commercially worthwhile for them to solve. Or so they say.

Since purchasing StarLink I've noted it is good for speed and  latency(we're rural and not well served by other alternatives) .... but... some sites malfunction or take and age to load. If I link into a 4G cell phone network via Mobile  Hotspot... magic. Many such sites are linked as quicklyas expected. In some cases I can even then shift back to StarLink and all is well. Other sites are more assertive and in effect fail.


Ideally StarLink would provide a Country Compatible public IP via one or more of the allocated blocks.... They know where we all live/house Dishy so, why not?

I'm wondering if anyone on the forum has any comment or a 'try this' approach. I see a  VPN as an option but wonder if it is a heavy handed approach coming with costs and ? defeating the speed and responsiveness of Star Link.  Why not simply use IP6... yes, it could solve but no mention of the timing for this in terms of roll out by StarLink or NZ Inc. 

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While connected to your Starlink network, point your browser to https://www.infobyip.com/ and see what it says. This provides information specific to the exact IP address that you have been assigned by Starlink.

That being said... While it appears that Starlink has several ground gateways in New Zealand, it seems like the nearest POP is in Australia. I have been under the impression that my Starlink IP Address is assigned by the POP, not the Gateway. However, for you that would not explain getting a US IP address.

Let me know what you find on the linked website above.

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