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using a switch with starlink router

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Hello. I know it is possible to use the starlink router for wifi and add a switch to the ethernet adaptor(gen2 starlink router) for hardwired connections but do any managed switches allow for Qos and port forwarding? My xbox is in heavy use and being able to prioritize traffic and opening of certain ports is a must for me. I am trying to avoid using a 3rd party router and placing the starlink router in bridge mode as the wifi on the starlink router works perfect for me.


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At my farm, I've utilized Aruba managed switches without issue. I have Starlink coming into my airplane hanger and from there broadcasting that signal via PtP to 2 office locations and 3 houses without issue. I've set up smaller but similar networks for other farmers and ranchers through the area with success ranging from dummy switches to managed switches depending on use case. You should be fine utilizing a managed switch.

Don't hesitate reaching out if you need any recommendations.

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