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starlink up address geolocation

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Will Starlink assign IP addresses based upon customer address, state , or at least nearest Starlink ground terminal location anytime in the near future? I live in rural Arizona and my IP address geolocation shows as Los Angeles, CA. I love my internet but because my state (Arizona) uses IP geolocation to determine state program eligibility (ridiculous) my mother-in-law's state insurance was frozen for fraud I'm assuming. Los Angeles IP geolocation has caused major issues for my family. Please advise.

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@David dillinger,

Starlink assigns IP addresses based up on the POP (Point of Presence) where your traffic goes onto the Internet. There are several POPs around the country, but none in Arizona. Apart from trying a VPN that will give you an Arizona IP address, there is not much you can do.

I have asked about this precise issue in the past. I lived in New Mexico and was also getting an LA IP address. I was told that there is no way for Starlink to provide an IP address that would geolocate in New Mexico. I recently moved to TN and brought my Starlink Kit with me. Now, I am getting IP addresses out of Dallas.


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