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Connecting 3rd party router to High Performance System

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I have an extensive LAN in my house, with numerous switches and many clients, including WAPs etc.  I've connected my router's wan port to the power supply for the HP system, but cannot locate the various settings that my router wants to be able to see the dish.  My router is a Sophos UTM 9.

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@Jim 106,

I am a software engineer for a cyber security company that shall remain nameless, but whose initials are S. O. P. H. O. S. 😉 Just to be clear, I am not an engineer for the router software. I work on another product at the company. Anyway...

What settings are you looking for (IP Address? MAC Address? Other info?)? I assume here that you are talking about information related to the Starlink connection that are needed for configuration in the Sophos Router. Correct?

FWIW, I am about to do something very similar to what you are doing.

  • Starlink High Performance Kit. This arrived recently, but is not installed yet.
  • Sophos XG 2300 Firewall. This is in anticipation of going dual-ISP. Fiber is being installed in our area.
  • Amplifi Alien WiFi 6 Router. I had an Amplifi router a few years ago. It was the most trouble-free WiFi router ever. This Alien is supposed to be the best thing since sliced bread. For the price I paid, it'd better be damn good. I'll post more on this later.
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