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SSID Not Working

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This is the second time in about 4 months this has happened.  Despite the SSID being loaded and saved on devices and working properly....all of a sudden, it stops.  I now get the "Password is invalid" error message and cannot access the network.  Any ideas?  The last time, I needed to totally reset the unit.  Not my preference.


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Firstly, I will assume you have checked the Starlink Router settings and confirmed that it is using the correct SSID and password.

Next, have you configured the router to use different SSID's for the 5GHz and 2.4GHz wireless networks? If not, you should do so. Some devices only support 2.4GHz and have trouble connecting to the Starlink Router when a single SSID is used. FWIW, while you'll need two SSID's here -- for example, "StarlinkSsid5G" and "StarlinkSsid24G" -- but they can share the same password, if you want.

Next, let's say that a device has established a WiFi connection to the Starlink router. I've seen the situation you described above happen once or twice after a Router software update -- and there have been some major updates in recent months. It seems to me that sometimes the update changes something on the router -- NOT the SSID and/or Password -- that causes previously-connected devices to be unable to connect and fail with an invalid password message.

What changes? Honestly, I don't know. It might be Ethernet MAC address of the Starlink router, though I seriously doubt that. 

In any case, the way I resolved this issue was by removing the SSID from the device (NOT the Starlink Router) and then re-entering the very same SSID and password on the device. Yes, I know this sounds silly. Yes, I know that this is tedious -- especially if you have a lot of IoT devices (I have about 35-40). However, this works and I have not found an easier way to fix the problem.

FWIW, this issue occurred once -- before I had Starlink -- when I switched out my wireless router. Even though I set up the new router with the same SSID and Password, every single client had to be touched to delete and re-enter the SSID and Password before it would connect. Exhausting...

In the end, you shouldn't need to reset your Starlink Router... and doing so may not help at all.

Let us know if this was helpful... or if you decided on another approach, what it was and how it worked out.


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