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Starlink Router Unreachable

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Hello, I've installed my new Starlink system but my router is still "unreachable"/Disconnected" according to the app. I am signed in and online. I went out tohttp:// and was able to finally configure a user name and password. I've signed in using that to my imac and the app. Before doing that, I tried doing a factory reset various times yesterday - each time giving the system time to hopefully reset the router to no avail. The light is on, I'm able to connect various phones, computers, printers - but the router still says unreachable/disconnected. What else should I try?

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If your Using an Apple product (Iphone or Ipad) go to your settings find the starlink app, andturn on local network. The network and router will now apear in the starlink app on your device. I had the same problem and that fixed it for me. Let me know if that helps.

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Same issue.  Set up Sunday.  Worked fine.  Connected remotely thru the app yesterday from a location away from the dish.  Network was visable and my camers were sowing connected and online.  Today no cameras, said were offline and router shoes disconnected but starlink shows connected.  Have tried several things I've seen but no results.

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