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Networking Amcrest cameras & NVR to router

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Being a new fan of Starlink, I want to move the existing Amcrest NVR & it's 8 IP cameras from the soon to be eliminated AT&T modem/router/wi-fi to Starlink. I noted the typical range of IP assignment from its DHCP being in the 192.168.1.xxx pool usually 10 thru 100.  Within the current NVR, I programmed each camera to a static IP address of thru 78.  They are connected to the NVR which also has a static IP of  All visible on the Internet with P2P protocol.  I moved the network connection of the NVR from AT&T router to the Ethernet module of Starlink using a Switch to expand the single Ethernet connection to 4.  I can now see the NVR on my smartphone.  It is online with the x.x.x.26 IP.  Yet the 8 cameras are not getting the IP from Startlink to match their x.x.x.71 thru .78 assignments  They are in the acceptable range of IP in the Starlink DHCP and yet not being assinged that IP.  What am I missing.  I would hate to put the Starlink modem/router into By-Pass mode and then add another Router/Wi-Fi to manage the network, loosing out on the powerful Wi-Fi within Starlink.  Please advise,  Thank you, John

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Starlink Routers do not support DHCP leases, which you would need to support devices with static IP addresses in the same range as that being handed out by the router. 

Also, be aware, that, because Starlink Internet implements CGNAT (Carrier-Grade Network Translation), you will not be able to access your NVR and/or Cameras directly using an in-bound connection. That'll only work if they proxy through a web site.

Replacing the Starlink Router with a third-party Router will NOT fix the CGNAT issue. It is what it is and there's no fixing it... unless you upgrade to Starlink Business ($250/mo minimum) which provides you with a static IP address for your connection.


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