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Can't get local TV stations. Hulu tinks I live in NYC

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Because Hulu uses Starlinks Ground station IP Address as my geolocation they think I live in NYC. I live 300 miles to the north in Vermont. Can yu make a change to a public Burlington, VT IP Address, I can provide one if nessary.


Thank You


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StarlinkForums.net is not affiliated with Starlink. We are customers  of Starlink who try to help each other out. So, no, sadly, we cannot help you with your IP Address.

Moreover, Starlink’s network behaves as you described. The is all done dynamically by software and Starlink has no means to assign you a more geo-specific IP Address.

Even Starlink business does not allow you to choose the locale of the static IP address it provides. 

I suggest that you reach out to Hulu for assistance in finding a possible solution.

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