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Starlink outages

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Good morning.  I've had my Starlink about a month.  Starting a couple of weeks ago I began to encounter long outages.  Anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.  Not on any schedule.  Sometimes I can go 24-36 hours without an outage.  This morning it has been down 3 times already.   I am using my own router (netgear ORBI).   From experimentation, I have found that I can get service back by re-booting Starlink from the Android app.  It usually takes several re-boots, but does come back. 

There are no obstructions for the dish.   Physical location is in Wyoming

Any suggestions?


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Late response.  A couple of days after my post I received a message from Starlink confirming that they had identified a problem, and were taking action to correct the problem.  And a day later the problem disappeared.  No outages (other than very, very brief) since them.  So, a shoutout to Starlink.

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