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Starlink in the extreme south of France

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Hello, I live in the extreme south of France, just a few kilometers from the Spanish border.

I have a clear view to the south from the terrace of my apartment.

In France, everyone says that the antenna should be oriented towards the north. In my case, the north is completely obstructed by the building where I live.

The obstruction test with the application tells me that Starlink won't work at my location, even though I have a clear view to the south towards Spain where the satellites pass.

Do you have any tips or advice on how I can finally determine if the service can work at my place?

Thanks in advance.


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Sadly, you cannot control the direction that your Starlink Dishy (antenna) is pointed. Once set up, it will automatically orient itself towards a predetermine direction for best coverage. In the Northern Hemisphere this is North(-ish). You will have to have unobstructed access in that direction to have a serviceable Starlink connection.

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