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Basic Questions


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1) what Android version is the minimum required?  

2) Can I postpone/delay my order ? If I ignore the "confirm order" email, do I have to start over when I decide I want to take the plunge?

3) coverage and down time : is there any way to know beforehand if my area will have good coverage and low down times?

4) is there any way to know, if performance is not so hot, if/when/how much it might improve ?

(yes, I know  some of these are asking too much)

I'm just not sure  about this,  partly because we're already paying for crap DSL (so slow you'd cry) AND a radio broadband that's great until the leaves grow back on the trees every summer.




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1) https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.starlink.mobile

At the very bottom states - " Requires Android 7.0 and up "

2) No you cannot delay your order.

3) Coverage - See the coverage map here ->

4) Trying to get a very precise answer for this is near impossible. Its like asking - How high will my water pressure be in my new city to state regulators. - Your speed depends on a number of factors nor is it guaranteed just like any other internet service you sign up for.

Like many users are not sure - However rest assured already there is many many happy customers using starlink in the middle of no where.


Take note - Not ideal getting starlink in urban city areas. Its designed for rural areas mainly.

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