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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.

No account access but I am being charged - PLEASE HELP

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I have never received access to my Starlink account but my credit card is charged. I ordered a Starlink RV system on Wednesday 5/24 at 9:28 pm PST and I took a screenshot of my confirmation code.

Unfortunately the email I provided had a DNS misconfiguration at the time of registration, so I never received the first welcome email. The DNS was fixed the same day but the Starlink account recovery option doesn’t send emails to me (not even now 2 weeks later). Since there was no way to contact support without active account, I signed up again on 5/25 with a different email. I got in touch with support via that account, they said twice that they resent the welcome email but nothing arrived. Spam folder was checked yes, and yes the DNS propagated and I can receive emails on that address from everywhere. Now support stopped responding for unknown reasons.

I hope someone here has an idea how to get access to my first account so that I can cancel it and return the hardware. Right now I paid for 2x $710 for HW and I am being charged 2x $135 for RV monthly fees without a way to use or cancel the first one. The Starlink support team seems to have an option to “resend welcome email” however that is not working in my case. I asked for ways to provide a different email in case my first one is blocked by their system because of the initial DNS failure, but I received no reply. 

What is Starlink doing if people mistype their email? Are they being charged to infinity without ever getting access to their account? I doubt it and I am sure they have a process for this. 

I am at a point where I don't know what to do, so reaching out here an hope someone here has pointers and ideas on what to do next. 

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Merten.


I've Pm'd you an email address to get in touch with Starlink resolutions. As this is is a difficult one.

You will need to specify simply what has occurred in this format:


Issue; Double up of accounts, require recovery of one account and refund of deposit

- Request refund of account with xx@xx email account #1.

- Email recovery issues - cannot reset password via typical recovery method as email maybe incorrect/invalid

- include all your details, including any current and/or historic tickets in the system.

- your current email address related to account #2 as well - also indicate to them what you want done to the account #2 if required.


I have to say that is a difficult one..

Feel free to reach out if you have any further queries.

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Thank you so much for getting back with this info. I had actually found that email address you PMed me online before and send a message a few days ago. No reply. 

I will restructure another email in your proposed format and send it again. 

Do I need to involve a lawyer for them to read and respond? That would be very sad. I kind of understand1 their cost-saving strategy to not talk with non-active people who are on the waitlist… but in this case I have two accounts I am being billed for and I don’t get help. 

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Hi there,


I have a similar but simpler issue ( I think).

Going thru the payment page, trying to pay with a credit card, the page was telling me that there was an error on their side and to try later.

I kept trying, eventually the time ran off (they give you like 15 minutes to conclude the transaction) and so I never got a confirmation from the page itself, it didn't seem to go thru at all.

I assumed nothing went thru.2 minutes later I got an email from my bank that 100$ had been charged on my credit card.

I never got a confirmation email, no login/password nothing.

So wondering now what should I do?

Am i in or not? How do access my account? Nothing has been sent to me...




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I too am having the same issue.

Ordered RV paid for it by VISA, no email response but received the hardware and am using it. 

plus unable to send a email, just get the sane response when sending a ticket, "problem on our end try again"

can you send me that email address as well thanks

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I had a similar issue that I am not able to fix, also not able to anyhow contact Customer Care. 

- Placed order, paid the deposit 

- Did not get mail instructions

- Reopened the website and found out I had entered e-mail address with a typo

- Ordered another one and paid deposit with my other e-mail


Now I want to either edit the 1st one to get the mail and proceed and cancel the 2nd account, or cancel the 1st one and proceed with the 2nd account. I absolutely do not want to pay twice for nothing, for just a typo. 

Also it would be nice to have some sort of means of customer support. I have spent days to find out a way and so far found this forum, which is great, but I need to contact support somehow. 

Any help would be appreciated and useful.  

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I'm being billed for my starlink but can't link my hardware to the account.  I can use my dish no prob., stow it away, set the wifi, etc.  I'm being billed for it and my credit card is going expire and I don't want to lose service and get my credit dinged.  I tried resetting using my phone number but says it's tied to multiple accounts.  I had to make a new account so I could submit a ticket for support. How do I get this fixed?

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