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Backup power and problems

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At the suggestion of a local installer, I purchased aa APC backup for my system. Over the next week or so, I had drop outs, network errors, etc. every 10 minutes or so until I found out that the backup was the problem. Once I plugged the Starlink directly into the outlet, no more problems. I remember the installer said something about the power company did something after outages that may "reset" my Starlink. I do also use a bridge to relay to a second location on the property. Is there really a problem without the backup? I know the more expensive backups are pure syne wave which may eliminate the p[roblem, but is that necessary?

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Going to more than likely damage something on your starlink PoE power supply by not running pure sine wave....

Run a decent UPS and you won't have issues. Cheap UPS's/backups that are not pure sine wave in my own opinion are house fire risks as well.

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