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Couple Questions

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Good Day fellow Starlink Users,I live in Northern Arizona and received my Starlink package last week. I live on a heavily wooded lot and don't really have a spot that gives me a perfectly clear 90 degree view of the Northern sky. I get constant short term "drops" (average seven or more drops in a half hour, lasting from 10 seconds to a minute or more). I've ordered a Ridgeline Mount to get above the surrounding trees. The mount has not arrived yet. I have a few questions I'm hoping someone in the community can answer for me:1) The limited documentation I can find on the mount says it is not recommended for high wind areas. Can anyone who has experienced high winds in their area share with me how well the mount performed and any steps you may have taken to secure the mount beyond the recommended 80 pounds of weight on the frame?2) Are the frequent and intermittent drops I am experiencing more a function of not having a clear view of the sky? Or does this have more to do with the number of sats currently in the array? Thanks in advance for any help and information.


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I would say your outages are due to obstructions. Dishy is small and therefore does not have a large footprint from which to gather signal. As well, the satellites dishy is talking to are not geostationary. When the target passes behind an obstruction, you will get an outage. Northern Arizona has a rich field of satellites passing overhead. My location is considerably further north, near the northern edge of the satellite paths but have very few outages due to obstructions.


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