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I bought a Starlink mesh to extend my WiFi but it doesn’t seem to have extended my coverage at all any ideas. I’ve had previous internet and bought extender’s and they seemed to extend my coverage but the mesh from Starlink doesn’t seem to extend my WiFi it shows up on the app and shows some things on it but the signal isn’t any better than it was with just the Starlink router any ideas?  
thank you

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Hi @Morgan1


Did you follow these instructions for the setup of mesh wifi?

Set Up 

  1. Start by making sure your Starlink Kit is set up and connected to the internet prior to setting up your mesh nodes. Connect to your existing Starlink WiFi network from your device.
  2. Plug in your Starlink mesh node to a power outlet. See below for mesh placement tips.
  3. Open the Starlink App. Wait 1-2 minutes for a "PAIR NEW MESH NODE" notification to appear in the App.
  4. Click "PAIR". This node will begin connecting on the NETWORK screen. Connection will take about 1-2 minutes.
  5. Upon connection, the node will appear on the NETWORK screen in the App.
  6. Repeat with additional nodes.

See the Starlink Mesh Install Guide for more information.

Mesh Placement Tips

  • Mesh nodes work best when they’re placed no more than one to two rooms apart from each other. The bigger your house, the more mesh nodes you will need to cover the area.
  • Before you set up your Mesh nodes, use the WiFi Scanner on the Starlink App to analyze the signal strength of your existing Starlink router to see where you may need more coverage.
  • Make sure mesh nodes on different floors are not directly on top of each other, as signal is weaker directly above and below the router, and stronger from the sides.
  • See How can I improve my WiFi connectivity? for more detailed tips on optimizing your environment, like placing your router in an upright position, in an open area, and away from sources of interference.



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