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My Starlink Internet Hijacked???

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Really need some help here!

So, we hooked up our new Starlink about a week and a half ago.  Set up and service have been great....until yesterday afternoon.  Suddenly we had no internet service.  Out phones and computers wouldn't even find the WiFi account we set up.  I rechecked all connections.  I powered down and back up (several times).  I even went as far as to disconnect everything and start over.  And still nothing.

The first odd thing I noticed was that there was a new WiFi network showing up on my phone and laptop, titled STINKY.  It's an open network with no security password.  I say it's odd because we live very rural and the nearest neighbor is easily a quarter mile away.  The "STINKY" WiFi network that's appearing would have to be one of the strongest I've ever encountered.

The second odd thing I discovered this morning was when I tried seeing if our own WiFi network was back up, hoping maybe the issue self corrected.  When I opened my WiFi Connections window on my phone, the "STINKY" network was no longer appearing, but the WiFi scan just kept spinning with no results.  I went in to power down the router (again hoping that might miraculously fix the issue) but forgot that I had already unplugged it earlier this morning.  I plugged in the router and almost immediately the "STINKY" network appeared!  I unplugged the router and the network disappeared!  I did this several times and got the same results each time; unplug, STINKY disappears.  Plug in, STINKY reappears.  This is causing me to think that maybe somehow my network I set up when I initially set up my Starlink, has been hijacked.  And I have no idea what to do about it.

If anyone can help out, I would be forever grateful!!  My wife and I both have to have internet for our jobs and this is causing major issues!  This forum is the closest thing I have found to Starlink support and I hope someone can help here!


Thanks in advance!!



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Got it resolved.  Looked up an article on how to do a Factory reset on my router and learned that "STINKY" is one of the 2 default network names Starlink uses after a factory reset.  Apparently my router did a factory reset on it's own.


So, no hijacking occurred and I have my internet back.

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