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Is this a scam?


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I really trussed Musk, got in line for my dish, was told it would likely be a few months - OK.

Got my disk - installed it - works great.

Then today, 2 days in a and my Starlink app says I have 1.4Mbps in the middle of the of the day, then it was so bad the wouldn't even register and had the nerve to tell I wan't hooked up to a Starlink network and registered 0 Mbps.

You're kidding right?!  I cut the cord with old carrier and am using StarLink full time. 

Then I read some BS about RV's screwing up the works - you're kidding right?

I can't believe I fell for this scam!


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Same here. Dropouts are often. Sure glad I don't currently need it for work. Try to stream my video files from my laptop via Plex is horrendous. Unwatchable.

Now that I've done some reading on here and Reddit I wish I did not go through with it. Steady tending to it's issues after just four days has got me to the point of absolutely not recommending it. Even worse when factor in the cost. I had better service and few issues with my old service and it was 1/3 less expensive. Huge costly mistake!!!

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