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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.

Wi-Fi Calling with Starlink not always working

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I do not have cell service where I am located but rely on Starlink Wi-Fi calling to make and receive calls on my iPhone. It does not always work...or when I dial it says CALL FAILED.... or my phone never rings and then two hours later I see I have a voicemail. Why?

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I have this issue as well but it is also not limited to WiFi calling. VOIP calls are the same as well as video calls. I contribute this to the low upload speeds and inconsistencies of the upload with starlink. On any given day I will see very good download (50-250), with these speeds, even on a bad day of 50Mbps is still plenty fast but the upload is another story, (.5-8) this is incredibly slow and if you have smart devices that are transmitting signal (ie cameras, smart outlets, baby monitors (wifi)) then that .5Mbps is gone in a flash. So now when you try to make a call there is nothing left.


Starlink needs to fix this, I have written them multiple times stating I am willing to pay more if they can give me faster uploads.

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I have the same issue when calling wifi over starlinik but what works for me is I have a Femto cell which is connected to my router. I turn off wifi calling In the phone which then makes it use the 4g signal from the Femto cell.  No issues doing it this way. The Femto cell box was given to me free by my cell provider as we have no signal at our address.


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I am also experiencing WIFI calling issues. It worked perfect for the first few months of my Starlink service and slowly it works periodically. So sometimes during the day my phone ringings and I make calls with zero interruptions, then I can't make a call at all. Often it will work again if I turn the phone completely off then back on yet not always. Why is this happening to so many of us. Oh and to add texting is working the entire time still over the WIFI. 

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Like many of you have said, we NEED Wi-Fi Calling because we cannot get mobile coverage where we live and likewise the internet itself was a 'bit' of a mission. We went from dial-up to ADSL and then managed to finally get 4G LTE, but the delay on the 4G was still not very useable for streaming TV - buffering constantly... However, through thick and thin, Wi-Fi Calling held its head high and kept up every step of the way - never once having any problems over many years of use.

Different mobiles, different operating systems and even different ISPs - no problems, ever.

We finally decided enough was enough and enough was too much, when Starlink became a cost effective option in our area - we dumped the 4G LTE and for literally a few dollars more per month we went from less than 30Mb (and ridiculous latency (triple digit)) to >300MB and all but no latency - no more buffering!

Oh darn, problems with Wi-Fi Calling - now what has changed? Updates to mobiles maybe? Surely, the amazing and fantastic new internet we have can't be the problem? Or maybe, just maybe it could be?

Remember - during "all of the above", we were using local devices to connect to our local Wi-Fi Calling service via our local mobile provider.

With so many different providers all connected simultaneously - from who you're getting internet from, to who your mobile is connected to - it can be difficult to determine where the cause of the problem is actually coming from.  Then you throw into the mix all of the different makes and models of phones - plus the operating systems being used and their versions... The lions, the tigers, the bears - oh my!

We would get home, connect to the Wi-Fi, searching... No Service. Airplane Mode, nah. Off/on, sometimes. Change between 2.4 and 5Ghz, sometimes... Yeah/Nah.

We searched online forums and just found people asking for help - fair enough, occasionally people would take the time to provide basic troubleshooting links.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Then, one sentence in another forum made me try something that I hadn't thought of: 

E.g. Wi-Fi calling will not work if the device is connected to a U.S based IP address...

I changed to the 'Custom DNS' in the App and put in the DNS addresses for the company that provides our mobile plan - poof, problems gone 🙂

Note: A lot of mobile operators now also provide broadband as well and separately. I specifically used the mobile DNS addresses of our provider.

We use iPhones, but they are not the latest and greatest and they both use a different version of the iOS - otherwise pretty standard stuff and it was only the Wi-Fi Calling that was having issues. Starlink is a great piece of kit and is proving to be the best choice we have made to date, except for a small hiccup lol.


Maybe this will work for you too? Good Luck!

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