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Replacement Starlink and Roaming - will it still work?

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Good news/bad news….

Some background. My wife and I live in Rochester NY most of the year. We “move” to Redding CA during the winter months - warmer and be near kids/grandkids.

I had setup Starlink in Rochester and enabled Roaming on my account. Redding is in Waitlist at the moment but the Starlink here in Redding does “ok” 🙂

Bad news - yesterday the Starlink went offline. We reseated the cables, power cycled the Starlink router and even did a factory reset. Still no go - shows Offline (yet debug data showed the Magnetometer, GPS, Motion etc. as all green)
Used my phone to contact Starlink chat support. After a period of time, they kindly responded that they were sending a complete replacement (refurb).

Good news so far.

I then realized my shipping address was still my Rochester location. Quickly changed it this morning and asked Support, via chat, if they could send to my Redding address instead…Still waiting for a reply.

I could ask a neighbor to forward the refurb to my place in Redding CA. Or, maybe Starlink still has time to send to my updated address. In either case, I will get a refurb unit to Redding CA.

Now the real question.

Once I power up the returb Starlink in Redding will it work/connect? My service address is Rochester NY, I have roaming enabled. Im hoping it works - but before I go through all the trouble of setting it up - will it be ok in Redding (roaming)?


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