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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.

Extending Starlink to an outbuilding


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I am trying to extend my starlink wife to an outbuilding that is about 200 feet away from where my starlink router is located.  Previously I had Spectrum and connected a TP Link CPE210 to my existing router and set it up as an Access Point with a second TP Link CPE210 in the building as the Client and then connected that to a TP Link AC1350 to create a wireless zone in the outbuilding.  

I purchased the Ethernet Adapter, and connected this to my TPLink CPE Access Point and have the other TP Link devices connected to the Access Point, but there is not internet service.  The LAN light is not lit up on the Access Point and Client.  

Do I need to add a 3rd party router to the set up between the Starlink Ethernet Adapter and the CPE210? Or do I need to make sure my Access Point, Client and wife extender are all on the same subnet as the Starlink router?  Currently, they are running on 192.168.0.XX and I understand that the Starlink router runs in 192.168.100.xx.

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@jebbrecht and @Casey_brews

Please see the thread Starlink Not Seeing a Bridge Setup in a Necessarily Remote Situation in this forum. 

Long story short, extending a Starlink WiFI network is possible, but it's not just plug-and-play with anybody's extenders. Please feel free to follow-up with questions on that thread if you have questions or need further discussion.


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My setup in rural highlands of Scotland links two buildings (A) and (B), and consists of a Wifi mesh in building (A).  The main router links three other Starlink mesh routers placed strategically around the house.  Big house with 5 bedrooms.  
The ethernet from the main Starlink Router goes straight into an 8 port Gb switch which feeds via ethernet my laptop, and Mac, etc.  Another feed from the switch goes to a POE connection and out to an external 5 Ghz Ubiquiti Nanostation.  This bridges to another external 5 Ghz Nanostation and POE on building (B).  From (B’s) Nanostation, ethernet runs to a small Ubiquiti 5Ghz Aircube hub.  So Building (B) has its own wifi area, and it has a Hive thermostat controlling the heating in building (B).  This can be monitored and also controlled from building (A).  The evening speeds in (B) are enough to satisfy a gaming enthusiast (?), probably around minimum of 60mbs down and 20 Mbs up.  Latency between 30 to 50.

The mesh speed in (A) varies on location and time of day, but with 3-5 adult users streaming with no buffering, we are very happy.   Oh, and loads of things attached to the network.  Bye bye to BT with ADSL broadband of 12 down and 1 up, which cost a lot for endless frustration.  Starlink is worth every penny.  I even tried the old Huawei router with GiffGaff SIM.  GiffGaff chucked me off for having too many users and too many devices feeding of the Wifi. 

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