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initial error in service address.

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When entering my Plus code for service address, I noticed after I was finished it was off by a character.

 This put my service address in a different country. With that I was unable to change it to the accurate Plus code under Account.

This is in an area where service is expected in 2023, so the service is not active.

I want the service - I do not want a refund I just need the correct service address. Looking for a contact at Starlink that can address this issue with correct data for the service address associated with my account.

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I've had better luck contacting Starlink Support through the mobile app on my iPhone (also available for Android) than using the Web site. Have you tried the App?

Ultimately, you have to search for a question and use Thumbs Down to open a ticket. Sounds like that's what you've been doing. If so, sorry for restating what you've already attempted.

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