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Amcrest security cameras

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I have very recently installed the residential starlink system.  I have also purchased the starlink adapter to be able to add an Ethernet cycle.  When I plug the adapter into my router and the Ethernet cable from security cameras…my starlink system goes off line and start putting up a message about needing a  VPN.  can somebody help me resolve this issue. ThNks for any help. 

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Not sure what you mean by "...to add an Ethernet cycle"... Do you mean "...to add a wired Ethernet connection"? For now, I'll assume this was your intended meaning.

I am not familiar with Amcrest security cameras. Looking at their web site, it appears that they make many different models -- some WiFI (wireless) and some PoE (wired). Also, it appears that many (all?) of their systems include a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which probably requires an Internet connection.

It would be very helpful to have more information about your setup.

  • Are your cameras wireless or wired?
  • What device(s) are you plugging into the Starlink Ethernet adapter? One (or more) camera(s)? The DVR? An Ethernet switch to which the camera(s) and DVR are all connected? A wired or WiFI router to which all the devices are connected?

Have you tried connecting a laptop or desktop device to the Ethernet adapter to see if you get the same result? Don't forget to...

  • Disable the WiFi connection on the device before connecting to the wired Ethernet connection.
  • Enable the WiFI connection on the device after you're done testing the Ethernet connection.

Lastly, how much experience do you have with configuring IP Networks?

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