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Starlink - suddenly offline / disconnected with no physical change to setup

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Hi there, I went on holiday for a week and when I got back, my Starlink doesn’t work. It worked perfectly before I went away. The physical set up is dish on stock stand, mounted on top of camper van on a big flat piece of plywood bonded to the roof. Cable runs tidily with no stress points or kinks and I can't see any physical damage to the cable.
The router works, I can join the wireless network but the app shows the error “Starlink disconnected”. I have tried reseating the cable into the dish and inspected the cable. I can’t see any damage but it is suddenly not working at all.
I did the unplug 5 times reset and set up the SSID again. Same thing - the error in the app is "Starlink disconnected". I have no other internet at this location. 
I've raised a support ticket but it;s been 3 days with no response from Starlink. From singing its praises I am now feeling incredibly annoyed and frustrated. Any tips on how to get a response to my ticket or anything else I could try? 
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Have you tried unplugging the router for an hour or two -- for instance, overnight -- and then plugging it back in? Note that after plugging the router back in, it may take an hour -- or two... or three... -- for Starlink to come back online. This can happen with the Router is downloading new firmware for an update. For some folks, this has resolved persistent connectivity issues.

Also, when Starlink Support is slow in replying to a support ticket that I have opened, I will add a comment to the ticket each day to let them know I am still awaiting an answer. I don't know if this helps or not. Maybe it just annoys them. However, at the very least, it makes me feel like I'm making some progress... 😉 

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