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I have had Starlink for approx 6 months with it working fine on my iphone, Smart TV and my PC (which is running Windows 7 professional), but now for some reason it only works on my TV and iphone, and will only open YouTube and Facebook on my PC. The app has changed as well and i cant see the VISIBILITY, RANGE, SPEED gauges on main screen

any suggestions on whats gone wrong??

With it still working on the TV and iphone normally Im assuming that it is working fine. I have tried connecting a different computer to Starlink, and it wont connect either

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@Starlink Dundee

So, I think you described two separate issues.

  1. The Starlink app on your iPhone does not show the Visibility, Range and Speed gauges.
  2. Starlink is working for your PC, but it limited to YouTube and Facebook.

Is this correct? For now, I'll assume so.

On your iPhone: Are you logged in on the Starlink app? Occasionally, it is necessary to login again by providing your Starlink credentials.

On your PC: Have you recently rebooted the PC? Preferably, this means a complete shut down (power off) and then startup (power on). Older versions of Windows -- especially 14-year-old versions like Windows 7 Professional -- need an occasional restart to keep them working cleanly.

FWIW: Microsoft completely stopped supporting Windows 7 Professional on January 4, 2020 -- three years ago. This means no security patches for anybody, anytime, anywhere. On the one hand, this means you are free from occasional updates to the OS. On the other, if there are vulnerabilities in Windows -- and, trust me, there are MANY -- there is no one to fix them.

As a professional in the cybersecurity industry, I STRONGLY encourage you to update your PC to Windows 10 or 11 for you own protection.

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