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Locked out of new account

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I ordered Starlink, paid my deposit and signed out of the Starlink website. I have never been able to sign on again. And reach my account. Credentials are always invalid. My card was charged for the deposit.  I did not receive a confirmation. I don’t know my account number, and I don’t even know if I have one. Since I cannot contact starlink through the website,  there is not much I can do. I sent an email to the resolutions email address a week ago.  I went to a friends house to make a support ticket for me, but we could not find anyplace to start a support ticket.  I’m worried I’ll get my equipment, get charged for it, and never be able to activate it, because I’m locked out.  If anyone has any experience with this in any way, please tell me. Thank you.

I hope this post has not run afoul of any rules or regulations. I have already looked at what’s available on this topic, and I hope someone will be able to provide something new. Just looking for help. Thanks.

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Today I received an email link to create a password again. Everything worked. It took one week to get the link. I used the resolutions link.  So many have had horrible experiences with this, same problem and I wish you all a quick resolution.  It’s good to stop worrying

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@Trying to Get Starlink,

The email address is starlinkresolutions@spacex.com. It is posted in numerous locations throughout these forums. Several members of this forum have gotten support for similar situations by sending email here.

You said, "I too have ben charged..."). Were you charged for a reservation ($99) or the equipment ($600-700)? Did you receive an email confirming your reservation/order?

Before you send an email, try using the Reset password link on the login page. If it works, it will be much faster.


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