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Starlink Mexico

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I had viasat from the states. Everything came in english. Work ok for 9 yrs. between San Diego and Rosarito, Baja. Mx.  The system went down and  last week the only other service for me was Hughesnet / Mx.

The seller / installer told me when he sits it up it will be just like viasat was (English). I wasn't here for the install to check anything. When i got home that night, I got on the net and everything I seached came up in spanish. I called the guy and he claims he never told me english.  Even my streaming channels on Smart TV come in spanish. 

So My question is. For those that have had Starlink installed in Mexico, will it be in Spanish or English.  I'll appreciate all help

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Regardless of your ISP (Internet Service Provider), if you are assigned an IP address that is located in Mexico, most online services will default to Spanish. Changing the IP address assigned by your ISP is simply not possible.

A VPN might help with this, but I am not aware of a VPN provider that supports Smart TVs -- unless you install the VPN on your router. That is all doable given enough time and expertise. You need to be really comfortable with advanced networking configuration.

That being said, I am not the guy to walk you through setting up a router-based VPN. It's something I've considered, but never done.

Lastly, call HughesNet / Mx support and see if they can help you. They deal with more customers than your installer.

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