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Wait time from date of order

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Good afternoon everyone,

I am in need of some help please.  I live in North West France and the internet coverage is just terrible.  I make "how to videos" for Youtube and the last 18 minute video took over 5 hours to upload.

I have read through all the small print on the Starlink website, I have watched Youtube videos on all aspects of the Starlink thing.  But the idea of clicking on the buy button without any idea of delivery time of my Starlink goes against everything I have learned over seventy odd years.


So, can someone give me an honest answer, how long will delivery take please?

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When you click "buy", one of two things will happen.

  1. Starlink will take your order, charge your card, and your system will be shipped within a week or two (my personal experience). It will arrive, you'll set it up and you'll be on your way with Starlink.
  2. Starlink will offer you the change to make a reservation (i.e., "get in line"). If you accept, your card will be charged the reservation fee ($99 in the US, not sure about France). Some period of time will go buy (days? weeks? maybe a year or more?) and Starlink will email you to tell you that they are ready to take your order. If you place the order, your reservation fee will be applied to the price of the kit. From there, go back to #1.

Hope that helps.

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