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2 defective starlink routers?

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purchased first starlink from Best Buy plugged it in registered and paid for the monthly service.  two days later came to check it out and nothing.  no power to the router.  the light is not lit.  took plug out and put back in and received a bleep of a light and nothing.  


went to Best Buy and purchased second starlink, plugged it in got the light and attached dish., moved and all was well.  neighbor came by and we chatted and NOW NO LIGHT!  The router has no power.  I know the outlets work as I have other items plugged in.  I have unplugged and plugged back in and a bleep of a light for a milisecond and then nothing.  WHY?  Really, two purchases in a row with the same issue.  is this possible?  


Does anyone out there have any guidance as to what is happening or what I can do differently?

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Since both of these routers worked on initial installation, I don't think this is a problem with the routers. In fact, my guess is that a power anomaly (spike?) fried them both. Let me explain.

I have lived in rural areas for the last 20 years. I learned early on that electric power in these areas can be "iffy" at best and that it is not uncommon for there to be an electrical spike (high voltage) or brownout (low voltage). Both of these are deadly to digital electronics. My solution was to NEVER directly connect any electronic device to a power outlet. Instead, I buy an appropriately sized UPS (battery backup) that has good power filtering. I suggest a unit from APC or CyberPower.

So, before you plug in another new router, go get a UPS. Walmart sells small APC units for under $60 that will be fine for your Starlink Router. While you're at it, by a UPS for each of your computers, your digital TVs, etc.

FWIW, you can buy JUST a router in the Starlink Store. Much cheaper than buying a new Starlink Kit.

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