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Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance. ×
Do NOT post your private starlink information and/or Billing information on this forum - There is 200% no need to post your private information for assistance.

Draytek 2865 requiring restart to regain connection


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Hi, Starlink UK business user here.  Sorry for the long post but a resolution might help others and thanks in advance for any ideas. 


The issue

Draytek router requiring restart to regain internet access, seemingly when Starlink goes offline momentarily.


Short term resolution

Restart draytek router which works 100% of the time.



V2 Rectangular Dishy Business account with public IP activated.

100% clear view with no obstructions.

DL: Up to 300, UL: Up to 20 and very stable 9-5 during business working hours.

Firmware of all devices / hardware up to date.

Cables all tested and good.

Restarting of devices and factory resetting performed several times.

Draytek router WAN settings setup to obtain IP automatically.

Draytek WAN Connection Detection set to 'Ping Detect' Primary:, secondary:, TTL: 255, Ping interval: 1, Ping retry: 10

Draytek LAN DHCP disabled as Windows server running DHCP / DNS. Issue evident with Draytek running DHCP so server and other devices on LAN are not the cause.

I have two Starlink ethernet adapters and the original router in stock if needed.


The setup

Dishy connected to Starlink POE brick and POE brick connect WAN2 of Draytek Vigor 2865 router using Cat6.

Draytek router LAN port connected to TP Link smart switch.

Test laptop connected to Smart switch with remote access available.

The rest of the network is insignificant as issue still evident when cable link from switch and router disconnected and test laptop connected directly to router LAN port.


Attempts to fix

Configured PING detect on Draytek to attempt to get it to renew WAN IP and reconnect - FAILED
Plugged Starlink POE brick, Draytek router, switch and laptop into UPS in event that it's a power blip - FAILED

Ideas yet to try

Connect small network switch between Starlink POE brick and Draytek router. Read this on the web so Kudos if it works - PENDING
Resource link ...

Setting Draytek on reboot schedule is possible but not practical. 

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H Ricochet., thanks for replying.

Yes, we're using  larger high performance antenna the supplied Starlink RJ45 terminated cable to connect to the router.  We currently have 140 devices on the network to include PC's, laptops, printers, tablets, smart phones and an old Windows server. Usage includes general business tasks plus internet TV. We opted for the public IP as it was available to business customers and we needed it for VPN. 

We initially setup the system in the default manner (supplied router and app) and then added the separately purchased Ethernet adapter to give us wired connectivity.  We then connected the Ethernet feed to the Draytek router and put the Starlink  router into bypass mode. Speeds were slow even after the dish had settled so we opted to take the router out of the mix and use the Ethernet cable that was supplied with the dish to connect directly from the POE brick to the router.  Speeds then improved as per our expectations, albeit, we now have this strange need to restart the router on occasions.


Many thanks. 


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Your experience with Ethernet through the Starlink Router is similar to my experience. For whatever reason, I could never get acceptable speeds through the Ethernet port. I think there might be a hardware limitation there. Maybe the router is only support 10Mbps or 100Mbps instead of 1000Mbps. I get MUCH better speed over WiFi connections.

As for having to restart the Draytek router occasionally, I don't know what to tell you there. I wonder if there is a problem with hardware-level link negotiation coming from the Starlink system. Maybe it should be re-asserting voltage on one of the pins when the connection comes back on line, but it isn't? This is totally a shot in the dark.

My best advice is to contact Starlink Support for assistance. Starlink is very new. Starlink Business and the High Performance Kit are even newer. I think we are all on the bleeding edge here.

If you get this figured out -- with or without assistance from Starlink Support -- would you be so kind as to report back here how it was resolved for the benefit of others?


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I am having the exact same issue here with my setup.

I have the Starlink Router with the inline Ethernet adaptor, connected back to WAN1 of my Draytek 2962 and every week or so, I loose routing to the internet.  A reboot of the Draytek always solves it, and it is very annoying.  I have configured auto reboot of the Drayteck for now, but can of course go a whole day with no routing.  

So you have just put a small switch between the Starlink Ethernet adaptor and your Draytek?




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If you're on a business connection try swapping to using a Public IP, this seems to resolve the problem. I *think* the problem is CGNAT, currently most commercial routers don't seem to handle it well when the connection drops. Switching to Public IP eliminates this.

We had to switch to Public IP so we could use some port forwarding, when we made that change the connection remained stable despite the occasional lost signal.


Draytek 2766, WAN 2 set to Always ON rather than ARP or ping detect.


This won't work on a regular account as you can't currently get a Public IP.

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