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Mounting dish on a telescoping pole


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I am trying to find a solution to mount my Starlink dish on a pole, so that I can get it 10-15 feet above my roof and still be able to easily take it down.  It will only be used about 3-4 months out of each year, and I don't want to have it up when it isn't being used.  Unfortunately, I am in a forest with a lot of tall trees, so I am trying to get the dish as high as possible.  My thought was to purchase a telescoping pole which I would mount to the side of the house, and then extend it above the roof.   I would use the Starlink pole mount to connect the dish to the pole.  I would then be able to extend the dish up when in use and lower it down and remove the dish when it isn't being used.

Does anybody have any recommendations on a telescoping pole that would be strong and rigid enough to safely support the Starlink?  Are there any thoughts on whether this would be a good solution, or is there something else that I should try instead?  Has anybody mounted a dish on a telescoping pole, and if so, how is it working for you?

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