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Am I expecting To Much ?


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OK, first off new starlink user. Have not had more than a month

I live in the Dallas, Ft Worth area, the reason I signed up is I have been told my neighborhood will never receive fiber or high speed internet. I'm stuck at 70 Mbps download at best, with I hate to say At&T.

Well we had our first spring storm tonight, for This area was not the worst we had but it did rain hard for a bit, I was without service for over 21 min, while the storm rolled through.

Is this what I should expect ? just curios what other people have encountered. is this the norm. I know 70 download isn't terrible (not great either) but it does not go down during a storm.

Just trying to determine if I need to return or not..

How bout some feed back.





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I suspect the groundstation feeding the sat for your geocell was infact effected by the same storm.

- Yes you will get interference during storms causing signal loss.

- No signal received indicates your terminal could not connect to any starlink sats during the storm.


Id also assume that the newer dish units the rectangle model - Will handle weather impacts better ( enhancements from the first models )

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